The weavix™ managed service plan, including weCare™, is designed to provide comprehensive support tailored to fit business needs, particularly in the manufacturing and construction sectors, ensuring seamless communication and operational efficiency.

Our managed service offering includes key components such as proactive maintenance, strategic advising, business continuity, security, mobility, and end-user support. Here’s how it works and the key benefits it offers:

Full Lifecycle Support

weCare offers full lifecycle support for all weavix devices and software, including:

Hardware Replacement: Any defective devices, such as walt™ Smart Radios or Wrangler™ mass-charging cradles, are replaced at no additional cost unless damaged due to misuse.

Software Updates: Regular over-the-air updates ensure that all devices are equipped with the latest features and security patches.

Guaranteed Uptime: The managed service plan includes setup and takedown services, ensuring minimal disruption during these processes.

Additionally, proactive maintenance is included to identify and fix potential issues early, preventing unplanned shutdowns and improving overall uptime.

Continuous Availability and Proactive Maintenance

The weavix platform guarantees 24/7 availability through comprehensive network monitoring, ensuring that users can access the system anytime, which is crucial for operations that run around the clock. The platform’s operational readiness ensures that all devices meet technical and functional requirements, enabling efficient and safe communication on the frontline.

Easy-to-Use Managed Service Provider

weCare is designed to simplify software and device management for the entire workforce, regardless of the size or location of the organization. Remote monitoring contributes to this hands-off approach by providing proactive maintenance, alerting, and troubleshooting for computers and servers. The process, provided by weCare, means that maintenance and replacements for damaged weavix devices are handled without hassle, allowing companies to focus on their core operations.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

weCare includes robust SLAs that outline the standards and expectations of the services provided:

98% Uptime: Ensuring reliable network connectivity lets teams never have to think twice about how they're communicating, so they can focus on what they're communicating. 

Over-the-Air Software Updates: Every time the walt Smart Radio is charged, it automatically looks for the latest updates to keep every device up-to-date with the latest features and security.

Device Repairs and Maintenance: Gain peace of mind knowing that every device will be seamlessly up and running with ongoing support to ensure all function optimally.

Device Replacements and Upgrades: When the latest devices and technology are released, know your team will have it when it's time for a replacement and upgrade.  

Capped Pricing: Never get hit with an unexpected bill with predictable costs that allow for better budget management and certainty that you're getting exactly what you pay for. 

Free Upgrades on Infrastructure

weavix ensures that all infrastructure, including software, devices, and network offerings, is upgraded at no additional cost. By leveraging cloud computing, weavix enhances productivity and connectivity, providing modern IT infrastructure that supports the latest business applications. This commitment guarantees that frontline workers always have access to the latest technology, enhancing productivity and connectivity.


The managed service plan is designed to scale with the organization, making it ideal for medium-sized businesses and growing enterprises. WeCare maintains a 1:1 ratio between the inventory of smart radios and workers in the field, ensuring seamless connectivity as operations expand.

Better Cost Control

weCare simplifies spending with predictable costs. This plan can help you keep a handle on your business goals by offering predictable costs, helping you maintain the financial stability of your operation. Unlike other service plans, weCare is included at no additional cost in the weavix contract. This means that all replacements, repairs, updates, and network coverage are covered, providing substantial cost savings and eliminating budget fluctuations.

Enhancing Communication and Disaster Recovery

By integrating advanced technology like AI-powered language translation and geofenced safety alerts, the weavix platform ensures clear communication and adherence to safety protocols. Mobile device management (MDM) also plays a crucial role in ensuring clear communication and safety. This is particularly important in environments like manufacturing and construction, where effective communication is critical for safety and efficiency. If an issue like a mass safety alert arises, we give you the tools to speed up and simplify the process, keeping employees safer in every way. Our system is also ideal for disaster recovery response, giving you the ability to restore access and functionality to your communications infrastructure in the event of a disaster to keep business continuity at the forefront of your operation. 


The weavix managed service plan by weavix offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for managing communication devices and infrastructure, ensuring that businesses can maintain high productivity and safety standards without the burden of technical management. For more information on how weCare and our managed service plan can benefit your organization, visit weavix.com.

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Matt Meinecke

Matt Meinecke