Turnover is so much more than an inconvenience. It can have a profound impact on your workers and enterprise overall. We believe that success happens when you focus on people, not things. Because, often, when you focus on things, turnover rates climb. Here are nine ways high employee turnover rates can negatively affect your business. 

in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-knowledge  Knowledge

As workers learn the requirements of their jobs, they retain information, which grows every day. They discover and develop new processes, how certain machines operate, and quirks of the job necessary to keep the operation running smoothly. When employees leave, they take every bit of that personal knowledge with them, leaving you to fill the gaps, retrain, and hope you can regain at least a fraction of that knowledge in the coming years. 

in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-efficiency  Efficiency 

Workers get more productive in their roles as time goes on. What once took them hours could now take them minutes. They slowly begin to understand the operation and adapt to make your enterprise more efficient. When they leave, that efficiency rolls right back to square one. 

in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-cost  Cost 

The financial toll of turnover is very real. On average, it takes about 33% of your previous employee’s salary to find and hire a new one, and once you’ve made it there, the costs don’t subside, with an average of $1,400 to onboard a new frontline hire. Costs can also climb because while you’re short-handed, so you’ll need to pay for overtime or temporary workers. 

in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-training  Training 

Regardless of lean processes, re-training new employees takes resources and time. The weight of continued training for current employees is so much lighter than that of training a new employee from scratch. 


in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-time  Time

This one’s big. Not only does turnover take time away from creating a product or service because of the vacant position, but your team loses time and efficiency when the new employee starts because they need to train them. 

in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-quality  Quality

Typically, quality work takes time, experience, and repetition in a certain area. When you lose that expertise, the overall quality of what your team is producing can inevitably suffer. 

in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-morale  Morale

When a member or multiple members of a team leave, other workers may start to question why and lose sight of the goal. It may also lead to low morale because of the expectation or experience of burnout due to overtime or being overworked to make up for the lost positions. 

in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-reputation  Reputation

No one wants to be the enterprise known for high turnover. One of the strongest characteristics of the best companies in the world is their ability to retain and take care of their employees. High turnover can tell the outside world that there are issues within the company, so higher percentages could lead to a hit in reputation between other businesses and workers. 

in page graphics-9 ways_weavix-future talent  Future Talent 

You’re always on a mission to get and keep the best talent. But if you’re known for high turnover, astute employees may not consider your enterprise because they’ll assume could be a cultural or management issue at play keeping employees from staying. 

How to Turn the Tables on High Turnover


The frontline workforce is the most important asset an enterprise has. So, giving employees the tools they need to communicate is key. They must feel like their voices are heard. The weavix platform gives your workers a direct line of communication to give them a greater sense of connection, safety and belonging than they’ve ever had before. 


Get a plug-and-play solution to connect workers through communication and data to transform their frontline experience. 


Ensure workers aren’t left in the dark if issues arise with photo-capable safety channels, targeted alerts, and a dedicated Man-Down button. 


Break down silos to bridge the gap between a diverse workforce with features like advanced language translation, 1-to-1 channels, and more. 

Putting the walt™ smart radio in the hands of every employee builds a network of communication, data, and security for your frontline. The weavix platform gives your enterprise advanced language translation, PT3 collaboration, multimedia messaging, unlimited channels, global range, and built-in safety that no one else can. All custom-built to beat turnover and keep your employees content in their current roles. 

To see how you can keep your workers happy and on your team, schedule a call today

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Matt Meinecke

Matt Meinecke