Implementing weavix™ Saved an International Fortune 100 Chemical Facility 700 Man-Hours per Day during Turnaround

weavix™ streamlines frontline workflows concerning turnaround registrations

As equipment begins to age and processes start to fail, a turnaround maintenance project helps enterprises return to their optimal productivity levels. Turnarounds are massive, chaotic, expensive projects that walk a fine line between staying on schedule and budget to minimize downtime and getting all the maintenance needed to remain productive and profitable for the future. During one of these scheduled projects, a Fortune 100 petrochemical company partnered with weavix™ to optimize the management and productivity of the contracted laborers when entering the facility.

Major Findings

  • Reduced Man-Hours by 700/day throughout Turnaround
  • Improved relations between contractors and plant personnel
  • Increased management of productivity throughout the lifetime of the project
  • Real-time response to impediments in high-traffic areas


  • Industry: Petrochemical Production
  • Company Size: Large Enterprise (250+ employees)
  • Location: United States
  • Use Case: Turnaround Registration, Contractor Management

The Situation

During a previous turnaround, supervisors at this facility observed an opportunity to better their registration process and eliminate procedural obstructions for incoming contractors. As an unpleasant result of their current check-in process, the influx of new workers onto the facility was slow and contractors could not readily begin their assigned responsibilities. Instead, they had to complete orientations following their registration, which caused large crowds and confusion in their visitor center and check-in areas. These supervisors knew their upcoming turnaround had a strict deadline and needed to resolve this issue for the project to successfully stay on schedule.

The Problem

Effectively managing the workforce is paramount to meeting deadlines and staying on budget. All together, these three elements lead to a successful turnaround. But, like many enterprises going through a turnaround project, these supervisors experienced a pain point when it came to overseeing and collaborating with their contract workers while they were on premises.

For this turnaround, these supervisors knew their registrations for contractors, companies and part-time laborers needed revisited. With more workers coming into the facility for a larger project, they foresaw that the bottlenecks in their current registration process were only going to get worse. Once they identified where optimizations could be made to better how they worked with contractors, they implemented weavix™.

The Solution

For their facility to expedite their registration process, management transitioned from an in-person, paper format to a completely digital procedure within weavix™. Now, contractors completed registration and orientation online through the Internet of Workers™ platform, with access to their STIC cards, identification and required paperwork in their account. Rather than waiting until after registering and entering the facility to watch orientation and safety videos, contractors had access to everything they needed to complete their check-in beforehand.

Those leading the new digital process could also review and verify which contractors had not completed their registration. If there were videos that had not been completed, or if the individual has missing or expired paperwork, that was easily managed and resolved within the platform.

The End Result

Transforming their registrations from a manual to a digital process in weavix™ created an optimized, effortless experience for both the contractors and the facility. In doing so, weavix™ allowed them to save a recorded 700 man-hours throughout the entirety of the turnaround. This digital-first approach was applied to various high-traffic areas throughout the facility to streamline not only registrations in the visitor center, but the permit offices and entry gates too. At each location, supervisors noted a drastic decrease in downtime due to congestion and higher levels of productivity.

weavix™ provided the support and digital infrastructure to allow for this global petrochemical facility to enhance productivity site-wide for their contractors. Turnarounds are notorious for battling against tight deadlines, so in saving 700 man-hours each day, weavix™ allowed these supervisors to effectively manage their workforce to do other tasks to ensure a successful turnaround.

Download the full case study here. 

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Payton Kolbeck

Payton Kolbeck