Getting rid of the old, outdated norms when it comes to communication may seem complicated — like it will take a lot of time and energy to switch to a modern, efficient system. But honestly, that’s the opposite when it comes to the weavix platform itself. It’s simple and efficient. And that begins with implementation. 

The entire weavix platform is engineered for simplicity, including implementation, saving you time, and money, and the additional work of selling the idea to your workforce. You’re an early adopter. You know what will help your company. But once you decide, you know you will have to make the rest of your workforce feel the same way you do about new tech. We know this. So, we’re here to help keep any roadblocks at bay. Here’s how.

Onboarding on Your Time

Once you join the weavix family, we onboard at your pace. If you would like to get moving and learn the platform as quickly as possible, we can do that, or if you have a larger enterprise and want to take your time, we’ll adjust to make sure you can utilize the platform effectively. We match your speed, only moving as fast as you need.

Where It All Starts

Here’s where we loop the client in on our initial plans and get feedback to ensure we’re working as a team. We’ll review the onboarding timeline and make sure we include and train all weavix champions — workers who will act as internal experts on the platform.

Team Planning

This next step is where we meet with a larger client team to iron out all the details of implementation to meet the unique needs of the business best.

Get to Know the Device and Platform

In this step, we get hands-on with clients to train with the weavix platform, answer any specific questions they have, and consult to ensure they’re set up for success.

Manager Training and Q&A

A big part of getting the most out of the platform is making sure managers have the right training. We work with them roughly a week before everyone else so they can use their expertise to provide feedback or suggestions before deploying the rest of the site.

Every Worker Gets a Device

This is where we roll weavix out to the entire team. Every worker gets a device, and everyone has the training they need to get the most out of their new platform.

Post-Launch Regroup

After a short time of full deployment, weavix meets with users to address any questions or concerns as quickly as possible so that we can implement any feedback or suggestions.  

Meet Account Management

This is where users get advanced to our Account Management team as their primary point of contact for continued support and quarterly business reviews.  

Yes, it’s important to support customers before and during implementation. But it’s also imperative to continue that support as businesses change and grow into the future. Teams and processes change. Businesses expand and grow. Technology next stops moving. That’s why weavix is there, and adapting along with you, every step of the way. 

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Matt Meinecke

Matt Meinecke