Enterprise-wide collaboration details how people within a company communicate and work together while considering the technology and software needed to do so effectively. In today’s climate, enterprises aren’t one location. They oftentimes have a headquarters for the business, along with other, separate locations for production, engineering, refining and more.

Just because your enterprise isn’t stationed in one place doesn’t mean you’re not one team.

Enterprise-wide collaboration accounts for every location and every worker. With our advanced collaboration product, weavix™ unites your workers out in the field and in the office to create a seamless environment for productivity and teamwork to flourish. Making every worker accessible, no matter where they are, gives your organization a competitive advantage.

Collaborate from One Facility to Another

Right now, many communication and collaboration efforts are restricted to their singular location. Some are even more restricted to certain teams or positions within the plant. For enterprises with many crews working at various sites, this can quickly create communication silos in the workplace. This is a common issue many large enterprises face, and as they get larger the problem seems to grow too.

However, enterprise-wide collaboration is the solution to better communication and productivity. When your workforce uses weavix™, we synchronize each of your facilities with advanced industrial collaboration capabilities. With each location using Smart Radio™, every worker can communicate and work together, regardless of which location they’re at.

This is incredibly helpful in scenarios where an expert is needed. For example, if a technician is needed to repair a pump, but needs advice from an engineer, enterprise-wide collaboration with weavix™ makes them both accessible. From one side of the facility or from another plant across the globe, the technician can connect with the engineer, get the help they need and fix the issue fast.

Work Alongside Contractors & Others Outside your Organization

It’s not uncommon for facilities to have contract workers on-site for projects, turnarounds or general maintenance. With any amount of contract workers in your facility, proper management and collaboration between them and your on-site personnel is vital.

Using our Smart Radio™ communication product, weavix™ connects your workers and contractors to encourage collaboration between the groups. Even though they are outside of your organization, enterprise-wide collaboration is most effective when it includes everyone on-site. When your workforce and contractors can act as a unified group, it helps ensure your projects stay on schedule and within budget and removes barriers between them.

Make Everyone Accessible in a Workplace Collaboration Platform

Enterprise-wide collaboration is useful to remove communication silos between different sites and different departments. But it’s only effective if everyone has access to each other. Our global directory acts as your virtual phonebook to everyone within our Internet of Workers™ platform.

Using our walt™ smart radios, your frontline workforce can add and, once both users accept the invitation, communicate with any weavix™ user, regardless of company, location or role. Since we bring collaboration across your entire enterprise, in-office teams aren’t left out. weavix™ also includes a mobile app and web console to allow your office and field workers to work together, giving your enterprise a seamless, collaborative experience.

Our global directory is just one of the many features included in our workplace collaboration suite. With all these capabilities together and available for every worker in your organization, weavix™ enhances both productivity and collaboration at every level of your enterprise.

To see the benefits enterprise-wide collaboration can have on your facility, or to experience it for yourself, schedule a demo today.

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Payton Kolbeck

Payton Kolbeck