Hannover Messe is one of the largest trade shows in the world, dedicated to industrial development and digital transformation in manufacturing. And last week, I had the pleasure of attending the conference and representing weavix™ in front of the global market. This year’s conference presented over 14,000 products and technologies and, as CEO, I was proud that our platform was included with many other amazing and innovative solutions.

I noticed several trends between the live demonstrations of our platform and while networking with other industry pioneers in attendance. Notably, these regard the technologies available for the frontline workers themselves, the advancements surrounding automation in manufacturing and the future implications for weavix™. Here are my thoughts and major takeaways from Hannover Messe 2023.

Frontline Technology in Manufacturing

Right now, manufacturers are laser-focused on improving efficiency. Whether they’re optimizing processes through AI or introducing technologies such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), these solutions produce consistent results that compound into less downtime and, ultimately, more revenue. Now, the next step that weavix™ has taken is using this same approach to optimization on workers – using technology to augment their skills and produce consistent, scalable results through people, rather than processes.

The workforce is an enterprise’s largest expense, so not supporting them with technology means that manufacturers are missing out on countless opportunities for further optimization.

There was a noticeable gap in technologies that directly addressed frontline concerns and experiences. Accessible communication can be just as effective in increasing efficiency, remedying operational issues and developing key optimization strategies, but most innovations centered on new equipment and digital process automation. Professionals I met with were amazed about what the advanced communications weavix™ offers, the data weavix™ gleans from the frontline and the implications for both operations and site-wide safety measures.

Advancements in Manufacturing Automation

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to automation. Hannover Messe 2023 highlighted a lot of the latest automation technologies built to reduce irregularities and prioritize productivity. What was most surprising is that a lot of the more noteworthy technologies adapting to how the worker intends to use it, rather than having them change how they do things to better suit the technology.

This simple concept addresses the hardships enterprises faced when their workforce resisted adopting IoT technologies and is really the heart of the idea behind the Internet of Workers™. No, workers don’t want just another device and, in fact, want to limit the number of devices to only the essentials in order to do their job effectively. IoW prioritizes the worker first, then designs the technology around how it'll benefit them, essentially transforming them into the central hub of innovation.

While automation is often met with raised eyebrows, the advancements we noticed at the conference seemed to hold that the workers needed to be a focal point for where meaningful change for the enterprise starts.

A Look Ahead for weavix™

The reception for weavix™ at Hannover Messe 2023 was astoundingly positive. Exhibitors and attendees were attentive to the possibilities of breaking down language and communication barriers to make workers more accessible, regardless of where they are in the facility. Others saw an opportunity to strategically partner with weavix™ to refine their product, especially regarding the use of an individual’s geolocation.

We took full advantage to discuss the implications that our platform has regarding collaboration and safety on the frontline and how we plan to grow the platform. The first involves developing a native time management solution to live within our platform – expanding our capabilities to effectively manage all aspects of frontline work. Second, we intend to broaden our integration capabilities to unite automated systems, equipment such as AGVs and workers so all insights are available in one platform.

Hannover Messe was a tremendous experience for weavix™, my team and me, personally. It was a great opportunity to network with fellow industry pioneers, get a firsthand experience of emerging technologies and trends in the industry, and how weavix™ will enable improved communications, safety and management on the frontline. We look forward to next year’s conference and the opportunities that will present themselves.

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Kevin Turpin

Kevin Turpin