Music is part of being human. It has connected people from within the glow of campfires to the lights of arenas since the beginning of humanity. But the pace and regulations of the modern frontline have music slowly fading out of the workforce. But with the weavix platform and walt Smart Radio’s Safety-Compliant Music powered by iHeartRadio, we’re bringing music back to these workers, while, at the very same time, making them safer and more connected. Here’s how.

Everyone Gets a Radio

First, we’ll start with the weavix platform. It’s built around the idea that every worker gets a radio. Not just a few. Not just the managers. Everyone. It’s how our system works. And because of that, the entire team is connected. Now, when you add the ability to listen to music while working every day, that’s a powerful driver to keep them connected and engaged.

weavix-music-2Have the Ear of Every Worker

Now that every worker has a radio, that means you have the ear of everyone. And, now, music keeps them even more in tune with communication, so when you need their attention for anything from general communication to vital safety alerts, you’ve always got them locked in and ready. 

Never Miss Communications

Since workers will be wearing an earpiece or headphones while listening to music, that means they’re even closer to incoming communications. When a message comes through, the music will pause and the message will appear or be heard, then the music will kick back in. This means it will be nearly impossible for any worker to miss information. 

Safety Alerts 

Even more important than standard messages are safety notifications and alerts. From general safety information to urgent warnings, workers will get critical information instantly, saving seconds that could potentially mean the difference between getting to a safe location and the worst-case scenario. When every worker is connected every time, safety will undoubtedly improve. 

weavix-music-5Worker Connection Through Music 

Often, people connect through shared interests, like their taste in music. So, introducing Safety-Compliant Music will bring the dynamic of sound into the workplace. Conversations like “Which station are you listening to?” and “I love that song” will help to build a stronger connection between employees, bridging the gap between language, age, and generation. 


Letting new hires and seasoned workers know they’ll have the ability to listen to music on the job could play a major role in your ability to hire and retain top talent. It also lets workers know that you care about their safety, happiness, and overall quality of life on the frontline, giving them a greater sense of connection to their job. 

Geofenced Locations 

If a worker needs to be more aware of environmental or ambient sound in specific areas, the weavix platform allows for geofencing so that the music will shut off in certain locations and return seamlessly once they leave that specific area. This means you can keep up with safety regulations or remind employees that they’re in an area where they need heightened awareness to keep them connected to what’s going on around them. 

In life, connection is pretty important. At work, it’s everything. Beyond all of the connection-building technology, the weavix platform and walt Smart Radio offer — like 1-to-1 channels, safety alerts, and advanced language translation, to name a few — Safety-Compliant Radio is another piece that not only brings people together and builds connection in so many ways.  

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Matt Meinecke

Matt Meinecke