Today’s workforce is changing by the second. But the foundation remains the same — safety, productivity, and employee satisfaction. With Safety-Compliant Music powered by iHeartRadio from weavix, businesses can strike the perfect balance between keeping workers engaged and safeguarding their well-being. A big part of allowing music at work is the ability to keep it under control. Let's dive into how customized controls empower organizations to tailor their music experience for maximum efficiency and safety.


Certain areas within a facility demand absolute focus and attention where music may pose a distraction. That’s why we introduced geofencing technology. With the weavix platform and walt smart radio, administrators can designate zones where music playback is restricted. As workers enter these areas, the music fades out, alerting employees that they need to be environmentally aware and on heightened alert. Once outside the geofenced boundary, music resumes, seamlessly integrating safety measures into their workflow.

Customized Control

First, music on the walt Smart Radio will automatically not let the max volume go above the OSHA-compliant 85 decibels. Beyond that, we help empower management with customized control to build a safe and consistent music environment. From setting maximum volume levels to defining permitted music locations, every aspect of the walt Smart Radio can be tailored to meet organizational needs. With such granular control, businesses can mitigate risks associated with excessive noise while promoting an upbeat atmosphere.

weavix-music-3Adaptive Music Controls

Imagine your workforce tuned in to their favorite music stations on the walt smart radio, fully immersed in their tasks. Suddenly, a crucial message arrives. With adaptive music controls, when a notification comes through, the music pauses automatically, allowing seamless communication and even greater connection than ever before. Workers stay engaged and connected without missing important updates, keeping the control in the hands of the sender, so communication never slips through the cracks. 




Safety-Compliant Music isn't just about entertainment. It's about leveraging technology to enhance workplace safety and productivity. Through geofencing, customized controls, and adaptive music controls, weavix empowers organizations to shape their experience according to their specific requirements. And if those change over time, great, so does the platform and level of control. By embracing these customizable settings, businesses can create an environment where safety and productivity coexist, making it a win-win for both employees and businesses alike.

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Matt Meinecke

Matt Meinecke