When you think of music at work, the first thing you hopefully think is, “Awesome, I like music.” But the second thing you may think is, “But, is it safe?” Great question. First, it’s in the name, Safety-Compliant Music powered by iHeartRadio, so it must be safe, right?! But don’t just take the name’s word for it, sit back, relax, and enjoy our deep dive into how we make music on the walt Smart Radio safer for everyone.

Always Have the Ear of the Worker

When you add music to the walt Smart Radio, workers don’t want to put them down. And because they’re listening with an earbud, they’re instantly more connected than ever. Music keeps them locked in, but when a notification comes through, the music stops so they’ll always hear it and see it. It gives workers an even greater reason to stay tuned into their walt Smart Radio, and with that, you’ll notice a big jump in activity and connection between every worker. Notifications, communication, and safety alerts go right to the ear of every single person on the floor all at once.


Adaptive Music Controls

Music is playing. Workers are more focused and motivated than ever. Awesome. But what if a notification comes in about meeting with HR after a shift or a change in clock-out procedures for the day? You guessed it, the music will pause, and the message will come through loud and clear. Then, with the help of modern Millennial wizardry, the music kicks back in and workers can go about their day. Messages and notifications will no longer get lost in the ether. They’ll be nearly impossible to miss while keeping workers safer and more connected. 


There are likely areas on the floor where music just isn’t safe. With Safety-Compliant Music, you can geofence those areas so the music will automatically stop once workers cross the threshold, and when they leave the geofenced location, their music will kick back on and keep bumpin’ because music should be seamless and easy for both the workers and business. Everyone wins.


Admin-Controlled Settings

No music can go above the OSHA-compliant 85 decibels, then admins can also control max volume, music location, and more to ensure there are never any issues and everyone has equal access across any facility. This also makes it easy to keep control over how and when music is used to help make workers safer and happier.


Safety-Compliant Music not only brings another level of usability to the walt Smart Radio and weavix platform, but it gives frontline workers a new sense of energy and satisfaction throughout their day that isn’t possible with any other device or platform. It’s built for safety, breaks the monotony, and energizes workers to do their best day in and day out.

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Matt Meinecke

Matt Meinecke