A managed service offers contractual services with regular, ongoing support for a variety of purposes to support an organization. Managed service partnerships, like those providing networking, IT and infrastructure services, are popular options for enterprises of various sizes and industries. Enterprises have benefited from managed service providers (MSP) to alleviate the day-to-day workload of keeping their business running smoothly without taking time away from their own teams or key positions. But can they do more?

Included in any weavix™ agreement is our managed service plan, weCare™, for the entirety of the contract. With it, weCare™ covers any deployed infrastructure throughout a facility, including our smart radios, network offerings, software and devices. Our hands-on approach allows you to be hands-off, giving you a hassle-free, zero maintenance experience to keep your digital collaboration capabilities functioning throughout your entire facility.

weCare™ provides unique management services for your facility at a flat rate cost to ensure you get the most out of weavix™, the Internet of Workers™ platform. Here are the top benefits weCare™ provides your enterprise.

An Easy-to-Use Managed Service

If you have to jump through hoops to use a managed service, you know it’s not an effective solution. Managed services have become common practice for organizations all over the world, resulting in exponential growth for MSPs as a whole. This recent growth in market share is largely due to both a customer’s experience when using or interacting with the services and the long-term results they get from it.

weCare™ is designed to make your software and device management easy for your entire frontline workforce. Regardless of size or location, weavix™ equips every worker with a smart radio, providing seamless collaboration between the field crews and office teams. To build a truly connected workforce, workers need advanced collaboration capabilities, so weCare™ is responsible for all maintenance for damaged weavix™ devices or replacement for broken. In doing so, weCare™ takes the hassle out of software and device management for your field crews, all at no additional cost.

Service Level Agreements

A service level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between the MSP and their client that outlines the standards and expectations of the service(s) agreed upon between the two parties. These can range from service specifications, conditions of availability, responsibilities, cancellation terms and more. The purpose of an SLA is to give a clear representation of what both organizations can expect from the other and any repercussions that may occur if one party fails to meet the obligations agreed upon.

Our clients benefit from many of the SLA guarantees under weCare™ through the entirety of their contract including:

  • 98% uptime in network connectivity, when deployed by weavix™
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Repairs and ongoing maintenance for all weavix™ devices
  • 100% private LTE coverage across your facilities
  • weavix™ device replacements and upgrades
  • Capped pricing, ensuring you never pay more than your subscription

Similar platforms and vendors can’t offer these SLAs and results, or ones like it, across the board for every workplace they’re implemented in. weCare™ SLAs are suited to fit your business needs and goals to ensure weavix™ is your partner in company-wide collaboration.

Free Upgrades on All Infrastructure

When working with weavix™, we are your partner to ensure network connectivity and manage our collaboration devices throughout your frontline, all on your behalf. We know that the latest technology and systems set your frontline up to be the most productive and connected they can be.

Unique to weCare™, all weavix™ infrastructure, including software, smart radios and network offerings, are upgraded at no additional cost shortly after its release. Rather than keeping your frontline workers on a legacy or outdated system, weavix™ users are guaranteed to have the latest services and devices. With a seamless transition to the most up-to-date offerings, your facility can work confidently using the best in frontline collaboration, and it’s all done through weCare™.

Scales with your Enterprise

Managed services are designed to grow with your business, making them an enticing solution for enterprises that are currently growing or want to prepare for it soon. Services can typically be added on, changed or expanded upon to continuously serve your organization in the best ways possible.

As stated before, weavix™ equips every worker with the most advanced smart radios in all of industry, regardless of the size or location of your workforce. Represented partly as a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) concept, weCare™ allows you to easily maintain the 1:1 ratio between your inventory of smart radios to your workers out in the field. In doing so, weCare™ keeps your entire workforce connected as you continue to grow your operation. weavix™ is your partner in total workplace collaboration, and weCare™ allows us to scale alongside your business without issue.

Better Cost Control

Using a managed service not only serves you better operationally but helps simplify spending with a predictable cost associated with the provided service. Typically, managed services are broken down to either a monthly or yearly cost, depending on the contract. Throughout the entirety of the contract, your costs won’t fluctuate, allowing you to stabilize your budget.

On the contrary, weavix™ doesn’t charge for weCare™. Our managed service is an integral part of our IoW platform and is included in your contract at no additional cost, regardless of the size of your facility or how often you use it. weCare™ isn’t limited to a set number of uses per month or contract length, meaning all replacements, repairs, updates, network coverage and more are rolled into your service payment. We do this to maintain the integrity of our services and build a truly connected workforce.

Alleviating the day-to-day workload and management of certain tasks and responsibilities is the driving force for managed services. weCare™ assures all weavix™ infrastructure deployed throughout your facility, all at no additional cost. We’ve streamlined our software and device management processes to ensure you have all the systems and support you need to connect every worker. Speak with a weavix™ Success Consultant to find out more.

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Payton Kolbeck

Payton Kolbeck