What can weavix™ do for Industrial Turnarounds?

Turnarounds are a complex process needed to restore and revamp industrial facilities. Depending on the size of your facility, a turnaround can halt production completely throughout the entire facility or only a few units at a time. During this time, facilities can also be flooded with thousands of contractors, individual tasks, new equipment on-site and more. A successful turnaround is not an easy feat, with over 50% being delayed and 80% going over budget.

However, keeping your next turnaround on schedule and on budget is attainable – turnaround managers have been doing it for years. As industry’s best turnaround management solution, weavix™ makes managing your workforce (including your contract workers) during a turnaround easier. Not only are field workers given multimedia communications from anywhere in your facility, our Internet of Workers (IoW) platform also allows for more in-field visibility, all available in one place.

Our mission, just as yours, is to get your facility up and running again as fast as possible while keeping you on schedule and within budget. Learn more about what weavix™ can do for you during your next turnaround here.

Turnaround Solutions for Every Situation

Turnarounds tend to be extremely volatile, with new changes and unpredictable issues arising throughout the whole process. While you can’t plan for every tiny detail, having a turnaround solution that’s flexible enough to help get you back on schedule as soon as possible helps alleviate the financial and logistical burden delays have. weavix™ is this solution.

By digitally connecting both your frontline workers and contractors, weavix™ assists managers in overcoming many common difficulties experienced during a turnaround.

Keeping your Turnaround within Scope

It’s almost expected that a turnaround’s initial scope is going to increase, but some manage to increase nearly 50%. If left unchecked, excessive unplanned work can stress your crews, your contractors, your management, your schedule and your bottom line. When you use weavix™ as your turnaround solution, your frontlines become completely visible in our IoW platform, meaning you get data to combat scope creep.

By utilizing weavix™, you’re able to better manage resources and minimize costs to stay as close as possible to your initial budget. For example, you notice during your turnaround that an industrial boiler needed an unexpected repair. Our logistics data makes it simple to quickly plan who will work on the repairs needed and when, plus allocate and manage the resources necessary to complete it.

Overcoming Worker & Contractor Inefficiencies

Turnarounds can’t happen without your workforce and contracted laborers. However, simple walkie talkies and paper forms leave a lot of room for mistakes and inaccurate reports. Without complete visibility in the field, efficiently managing both parties with complete certainty is nearly impossible.

This is why weavix™ takes a two-pronged approach when it involves turnaround management: communication and data. With communication, we guarantee your frontline, office employees, plus your contractors are all connected at the push of a button. Whether they need regular push-to-talk (PTT), video collaboration or in-line language translation and dictation, our industrial communication devices serve them well during the whole turnaround process.

By providing secure, reliable communication to everyone in your facility, we’re able to minimize many common mistakes that occur during a turnaround. Then, using logistics and validation data, managers can assign and delegate tasks and responsibilities more effectively.

Conducting Organized & Automated Registrations

To get into the facility, both contractors and workers need to provide OSHA certifications, identification, TWIC cards and more prior to arrival at your facility. It’s a lot of paperwork, especially when you’re accounting for the increased amount of people coming into your facility during a turnaround. Ensuring everyone has all the needed documentation can stress your registration process, creating unnecessary delays just to get in.

walt hero with worker infoTo ensure optimal worker performance and a smooth turnaround, companies are looking for ways to efficiently streamline registrations and get workers and contractors focused on turnarounds. As the best turnaround solution available, weavix™ bypasses all the paperwork needed, creating a fast, simple and automated registration.

Whether it’s a worker going to badge in for their shift or a new contractor presenting his OSHA certifications, everything is available in weavix™. With a quick scan of a QR code, all of the required paperwork is brought up automatically and stored in our secure IoW platform. Not only does this drastically decrease registration time for everyone involved in your turnaround, it also helps keep accurate logs of people going in and out of your facility or, if you wanted to drill down for more granularity, specific units.

Managing the Logistics During your Turnaround

Typically, turnaround schedules are pushed to be as short as possible to get everything back up and running without missing too many production days. This, however, is a constant struggle and often leaves little room for unexpected additions. While it’s a good practice for turnaround managers to add buffer time, weavix™ helps make the most of your time so you can stay on schedule as much as possible.

Our platform can validate equipment usage and overall logistics within your facility instantly. As such, weavix™ assists in staying on schedule and, when a delay occurs, respond quickly and effectively while managing all of the available resources. The ultimate goal is to get your turnaround completed successfully and on time so you and your crews can get back to work.

Keeping your Workforce Safe

Safety is a priority whenever people are on the facility. When the facility is flooded with contractors and staff, while new tasks are getting assigned constantly, however, it can get hectic fast. To help keep safety as a top priority during the turnaround process, weavix™ has built-in safety features readily available and accessible for everyone.

weavix™ equips everyone in your facility with a smart industrial radio. With it, crews can report safety concerns they notice in the field – field observations – and management can notify them of any emergencies – mass notifications.

Standing WaterWith our built-in field observations, your crews and contractors can instantly relay information about what’s going on directly from the frontline. During a turnaround, this is incredibly useful as workers are inspecting and repairing any faulty equipment. If a worker notices a loose or faulty pipe, they can instantly alert management to further inspect and, if needed, include it in the turnaround.

Mass notifications work the other way, allowing management to instantly communicate with the frontline and contractors in an instant. If there’s a severe storm near your facility, you can send a mass notification to everyone in your facility, relaying needed information to keep everyone safe. You can also give the all-clear afterward, letting your turnaround continue. Our mass notifications take over all in-use and sleeping devices in your facility, ensuring the message gets to everyone.

Be Prepared for your Next Turnaround with weavix™

Turnarounds are one of the most stressful events that an industrial facility will go through, but weavix™ makes them easier to manage. As one of the best turnaround solutions, weavix™ focuses on providing multimedia communication capabilities to the frontline workers and your contractors for better management. When combined with logistics and validation data, you’re able to gain more visibility throughout your facility to keep your turnaround on schedule and within budget.

Contact us today to get started with weavix™ for your next turnaround.

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Payton Kolbeck

Payton Kolbeck