Directories have made individuals accessible throughout enterprises for years. It’s now commonplace that employees who need to contact a certain person within their organization can do so fairly easily. But is that the case for everyone? Not exactly.

Deskless workers continue to experience many common communication issues throughout their workday. And access to others is a big one.

To address this, weavix™ includes a global directory in our Smart Radio™ collaboration suite. Our global directory makes it possible to connect with any worker within our Internet of Workers™ platform. Now, workers on-site and off can easily and effectively communicate with the person or people they need, right when they need to.

Including a global directory within our IoW platform is about more than just convenience. In this blog, we discuss the benefits and essential uses a global directory has for the frontline workforce.

Connect with Subject Matter Experts

There comes a time when you run into an issue you’ve never experienced yourself. Instead of trying to figure it out alone, guidance from a subject matter expert is always within reach because of our global directory. This allows for workers to identify solutions to complex, specialized problems with little to no delay.

Having instant access to these specialists and supervisors provides an upskilling opportunity for your workers. For example, after an engineer helps a worker find and explain a solution to their problem, that worker can then take that knowledge and pass it along to others that may run into a similar situation. weavix™ equips every worker with a walt™ smart radio, empowering your workers to connect with and learn from subject matter experts when they need.

Work Effectively with Contract Workers

Contract workers are commonly brought into workplaces for various projects. These can include construction projects, maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds, and more. However, when they’re working in your facilities alongside your own workers, especially in an industrial setting, you need a simple, effective way to integrate them into your communications.

Our global directory makes that possible. Once a team of outside contractors enters your workplace, they are seamlessly connected with your workers and supervisors. With a direct line between your enterprise and each individual contractor, supervisors maintain direct oversight of the facility and everyone inside, and your workers can effectively communicate with them during their time.

See Who You’re Working With

Oftentimes, frontline workers have varying schedules. It gets hectic trying to keep track of it all, especially when you’re not in a managerial position. But, using our global directory, we make managing people in your workplace easier for both supervisors and coworkers.

weavix™ provides a complete list of workers in your immediate area and throughout your enterprise. With it, workers can search by their company – for contractors or specialists working in your area, craft – if they need a specialist, and even by their name or job title. And rather than limiting the list of workers to people within your organization, everyone currently inside your workplace is included.

Providing quick, direct communication to everyone on-site helps everyone. Workers can collaborate effectively with people they know are nearby and available. Supervisors have the oversight to direct additional help and resources throughout the workplace. Together, this helps remove inefficiencies in the workplace.

Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Workers that collaborate effectively are 50% more productive. And the way weavix™ lets them connect and collaborate better starts by giving workers direct access to one another.

Our global directory overcomes many communication issues plaguing the frontline, especially regarding the lack of access to their teams, crews and supervisors. With instant, direct access to one another, enterprises have:

  • Reduced downtime by acting under the guidance of supervisors when needed
  • Connected and reported accidents to safety personnel immediately
  • Boosted teamwork and trust among frontline workers
  • Responded faster to rising or immediate procedural issues
  • Increased output by identifying and addressing recurring operational disruptions

By providing clear, instant access to everyone on-site, our global directory supports enterprises in their endeavors to improve productivity.

Direct Access to Everyone in the Enterprise

Our global directory connects your frontline workforce through their walt™ smart radios. Workers can search for any person within the IoW platform they need and send a connection request. Once the request is accepted, both parties can freely communicate, regardless of whether they use a walt™, the mobile app or the web console. With every worker on-site having a direct line to whomever they need right when they need them, your workforce can act as a united machine, which leads to higher rates of efficiency and success in the long run.

But a global directory is only part of the digital communication capabilities weavix™ offers. Understanding the importance that a global directory has on the rest of your workplace’s communications gives your enterprise a competitive advantage now and in the future.

To experience weavix™ and the difference a global directory can have for your workers, schedule a demo today.

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