Push-to-talk applications allow phones and tablets to create instant communication channels, essentially transforming them into personalized walkie-talkies. Apps, such as Zello and Voxer, quickly gained popularity with small and mid-sized businesses, introducing a simple, cost-effective alternative to push-to-talk radios. Soon, even some of the world’s largest enterprises began using them. These businesses could get the same convenient communications without the added costs or hassle of repairing and maintaining radios.

This begs the question: is weavix® the latest push-to-talk application for enterprises?

As a platform, weavix® transcends what business and enterprise leaders have come to expect from popular push-to-talk applications. The added features, use cases, and capabilities, along with its diversity of compatible devices, a purpose-built smart radio, and low monthly cost makes weavix® more than a simple push-to-talk solution for enterprise, but rather a total communication solution.

Why do Businesses use Push-to-Talk Apps?

There are several reasons for businesses to opt for a push-to-talk solution over other communication alternatives. These can be cost associated, the ease of use and deployment, or the capabilities they provide to help them overcome issues they’re facing right now. No matter the reason, businesses find many similar benefits to choosing a push-to-talk application for their frontline communications.

Communication Benefits from Push-to-Talk Solutions

The most apparent benefit for businesses using push-to-talk applications is toward communications. With a simple download, users can close communication gaps throughout their workplace. Have certain departments become disengaged? Do project deadlines get missed because of unclear instructions? Are conflicts becoming more common because of miscommunications?

Push-to-talk applications can help businesses of any size alleviate these issues by providing a direct line of communication for each user. Using communication as its foundation, these apps provide enterprises with other key benefits in different aspects of an organization that are included later in this article. They also provide these communications with little to no additional infrastructure, meaning the time between set up and seeing the benefits communication provides to workers is minimal.

weavix® operates as a platform, rather than a simple push-to-talk application, providing more communication benefits to its users. Enterprises aren’t shelving their radios anytime soon, and push-to-talk applications often lack the ability to integrate with the existing radio system, which creates an unnecessary communication barrier between app and radio users.

Instead, weavix® acts as a gateway to sync many different communication systems, including any existing traditional push-to-talk radios. The application and device options, via the walt® smart radio, provide a singular environment to streamline communications and connect the entire workforce, regardless of industry or work environment.

Benefits to Workplace Safety

By allowing workers to communicate more seamlessly throughout the workplace, push-to-talk applications are useful for increasing effective workplace safety. Having a direct line of communication with others allows workers to react and respond carefully, whether it’s from an incident on-site or about upcoming dangers, such as severe weather.

The communication aspect of push-to-talk applications gives workers the proactive leg up to work together, look out for one another, and keep each other safe.

Unlike simple push-to-talk applications that reuse the same communication capabilities for safety purposes, weavix® has specific safety features available in its platform. Specialized safety features, such as alerts and an SOS button, continue to bridge the communication gap frontline workers experience. However, these are reserved for urgent and emergency situations, letting workers respond and reach muster faster than with traditional push-to-talk solutions and keeping management informed with alert acknowledgments.

Cost Comparisons to Traditional Radios

Push-to-talk applications are a cost-effective alternative to traditional push-to-talk radios. Professional push-to-talk radios cost over $1,000 per device, while push-to-talk apps require a low monthly cost per user.

Certain industries where a radio is not necessarily needed, like retail and hospitality, enjoy these immediate savings while still equipping their frontline workforce with communication capabilities. However, push-to-talk applications on a mobile device are not ideal for other industries, such as oil and gas or manufacturing, and require a radio.

weavix® supports both distinct groups – those that favor applications and those that need radios – with comparable savings to choosing simple push-to-talk applications.

Operational Benefits of Push-to-Talk Applications

The benefits of effective communication contribute to the overall success of an enterprise. Push-to-talk applications allow workers and supervisors to actively engage and coordinate at the right time, regardless of where they are. The short-term benefits, like saving time by skipping long phone calls and receiving more immediate responses, can compound to larger savings on both time on site and efficiency rates among workers.

Aside from the benefits communication has on an enterprise’s operations, weavix® has an entire operational solution for frontline workers. Whether users are on the mobile application or use the walt® smart radio, management teams can understand how the frontline operates and identify opportunities to improve the work experience.

Many popular push-to-talk applications have simple location-tracking capabilities but fail to apply these insights to benefit a business’s operations. They also may be limited to either a mobile device or specific devices provided by the service provider. weavix® overcomes these limitations by acquiring data from any downloaded or compatible device and making the insights available and easy to understand through dashboards and data models.

Security Benefits

Secure communications are a global concern for enterprises, regardless of industry. As users, and due to the nature of certain communications, we want to ensure that the technologies we use don’t put our business or our livelihoods at risk. Security practices are largely dependent on the push-to-talk application you choose, but there are industry standards, like end-to-end encryption and password requirements.

For weavix® users, security practices span the entirety of the platform. Our two-factor authentication verifies the identity of each user, and customizable permissions ensure administrators have the flexibility and autonomy to decide which users need certain permissions. Throughout the platform, weavix® encrypts information while at rest using native capabilities, while continuously monitoring for threats, providing peace of mind knowing your data is secure and only accessible by the people your administrators choose.

“Data security is not something we take lightly,” says Seth Phillips, weavix® CTO. “We understand that our users, partners, and the companies we support rely on us to keep their information safe. Whether it’s following industry best practices, developing proprietary capabilities unique to our platform, or adding in redundancies where we can, we as a company refuse to compromise when it comes to data security.”

The communications, safety, and operational data collected all follow the same rigorous security protocols when applicable.

Does weavix® Offer More than Push-to-Talk?

Yes. weavix® is different from traditional push-to-talk applications for frontline workers. It operates across the web, phones, tablets, and the walt® smart radio to give users the flexibility to use the device of their choice. It also provides more capabilities and use cases for workers to communicate effectively, all at a comparable price to simple push-to-talk applications.

Push-to-Three (PT3™) Collaboration

Push-to-three (PT3) encompasses push-to-talk, picture messaging, and video conferencing. weavix® is the only platform making these capabilities fully functioning for every worker at the push of a button. Some simple push-to-talk applications include multimedia messaging, but that oftentimes comes at an additional cost or a higher subscription level, depending on the application.

Language Translation

Communication and language barriers cost businesses an average of $26,000 annually per worker due to loss of productivity. Rather than relying on a separate language translation device to overcome these barriers, weavix® offers language translation and dictation capabilities whether on the walt® smart radio, application, or web. With all communications in one platform, weavix® helps workers overcome language barriers and maintain high levels of productivity.

Mass & Targeted Alert System

Alerts are a popular addition to push-to-talk applications. While many simple applications have one type of alerting feature, weavix® developed 3 different types of alerts: mass, targeted, and man-down.

Mass alerts send a notification from management to workers across an entire workplace, alerting everyone at once. Targeted alerts send a similar alert, but only to users in the specified or affected areas within your workplace. To assist enterprises practicing informed safety practices, these alerts will continue until they are physically acknowledged on the app or through the walt® smart radio. Man-down alerts originate from the worker’s app or walt® to notify nearby users, safety personnel, and supervisors of a personal emergency happening.

These three different alert types allow weavix® users to remain informed before, during, and after an emergency strikes the workplace.

The Best Push-to-Talk Application for Frontline Workers

Push-to-talk applications have the potential to transform frontline communication and collaboration. But finding the best push-to-talk application isn’t always about the features, but the ease of use, communication quality, and compatibility with your existing infrastructure and workplace.

weavix® has taken all these into consideration to create the best push-to-talk solution for frontline workers. With convenient deployments, advanced communication and integrations, and an affordable cost structure, our platform is scalable, effective, and ideal for even the most remote or industrial workplaces.

To see what weavix® can do for your frontline workforce, schedule a demo today.

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Payton Kolbeck

Payton Kolbeck