Texting is a quick and easy way to communicate with people from basically anywhere, that’s why most people use it every day. While texting is the most popular form of communication, it’s not reserved for communicating with just friends and family. Text messaging has shown itself as an effective method of communication in a variety of situations. Many marketing and business communication platforms have centered their products to allow texting to clients or between coworkers and teams for simple, fast and effective cross-team collaboration.

For frontline industrial workers, text messaging is a powerful form of communication. Push-to-talk (PTT) can be misheard or missed completely by workers, whereas texting can’t. weavix™ establishes a reliable, secure network across an entire industrial facility, so all our industrial communication capabilities, including texting, are always delivered. Text messages between crews and field workers are fast and effective ways to communicate, without worrying about the receiver missing your message.

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As a platform, weavix™ offers limitless multimedia communication to facilities and workers across a variety of industries. Regarding text messages, specifically, we’ve relieved the worry plant managers and foremen have when they see their workers texting on the facility. Using weavix™ limits the individuals or groups fieldworkers to texting only those registered in the facility at that time. Even when using a weavix™ certified device, text messages are only sent and delivered to coworkers, contractors and others within the weavix™ platform, ensuring all communication is related to work.

Urgent messages, like emergency mass notifications or high priority tasks, should not rely on texting as the primary method of communicating with crews. While there are plenty of benefits that texting offers to your frontline, like ease and flexibility, urgent matters should still follow better-suited channels. However, texting can be used in conjunction with other forms of communication for clarity or new and additional information. During an evacuation, for example, a targeted emergency alert can be sent to all weavix™ devices at one time, and then texts can follow up with safety instructions and updates as they come.

In industry, however, many frontline workers have limited communication capabilities with their current industrial radios. Many legacy radio systems don’t offer texting capabilities. This limits your field crew’s forms of communicating with each other, hindering their ability to get their job done efficiently.

texting for industrial communication

weavix™ is industry’s first Internet of Workers (IoW) platform. Our innovations are designed specifically to excel your frontline’s capabilities and performance. By adding texting to our list of communication methods available, we’ve brought industrial communication into modern times. Every day, people use texts to send a quick message to others: workers are used to it, and implementing texting into their work lives brings the same efficiencies and benefits as it does in their personal lives.

Just like other forms of industrial communication, texting is an excellent option for your crews to collaborate and finish tasks timely and efficiently. And when facilities choose to add it to their frontline’s arsenal of communication options, they need a smart industrial radio that allows texting. To see how texting, and all the industrial communication capabilities weavix™ offers, can optimize your workforce, speak with a weavix™ specialist today.

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Payton Kolbeck

Payton Kolbeck