No, you can’t remove the battery from your walt™ smart radio.

Every walt™ smart radio has a Class 1 Div. 2 and ATEX 2 safety rating. They’re purpose-built, meaning they can survive and, more importantly, work in almost any environment in an industrial setting. But we’ve been asked, “Can I take out the battery?”. We get it, plenty of Motorola™ industrial radios let you take out the battery, so you might be curious. While the short answer is no, the real answer is, “Why would you want to?”

Below are 5 reasons why we’ve designed every walt™ smart radio to keep the battery intact throughout the lifetime of the device.

It’s Safer, Especially During an Emergency

Just like how we drop our phones, the same can be done with your radio when you’re working. Think back to the early 2000s: when you dropped your cellphone and the battery popped out, what happened? You had to search around and find all the pieces, then put it back together.

Yes, it was a headache, but it’s dangerous in an industrial environment. When you’re surrounded by heavy machinery, possible hazards and other workers, especially in the middle of an emergency or during a turnaround, that’s just another accident waiting to happen.

Instead, when you drop a walt™ smart radio, everything stays in place. With its durable casing, walt™ will continue to provide all the collaboration capabilities your frontline uses to remain productive and informed, even after taking a fall.

They’re Disposable

When you get started with weavix™, it’s necessary that every worker has a smart radio. So much so that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer a walt™ to every frontline worker, regardless of company size, without charging for the devices themselves.

Under our complimentary managed service, weCare™ gives you a hassle-free experience when it comes to repairing or replacing your walt™. Instead of having you replace the battery or try to troubleshoot any technical issues yourself, the weavix™ support team can easily send you a replacement. If it’s beyond saving, we’ll take care of disposing of it.

There’s No Added Cost to You

Legacy industrial radios are a capital expense, meaning you buy the individual devices and, if they break, you’re either out that cost or responsible for fixing them. The radio alone can cost up to $2,000 per device, but multiple batteries cost extra. They can vary between $50 to $250, depending on the model.

For example, if you have 100 radios deployed throughout your facility, can you justify spending up to $25,000 more just for batteries?

Instead, our walt™ smart radios aren’t charged per device, but as a managed service. The cost never varies from what’s stated in your agreement. With a battery life between 12 and 16 hours, along with weCare™, there’s no need to remove or replace the battery yourself.

Easier to Use on the Frontline

walt™ smart radios are communal; your frontline workers can easily grab one and go without wasting any time. They don’t have to fumble around to make sure the battery is in right or that it’s been changed every 9 months, as Motorola™ recommends. All that takes time away from your workers, time from the manager in charge of the radios and, ultimately, money from your budget.

Under our grab-and-go method, the only thing you and your workers need to worry about is making sure the walt™ makes it to the charger at the end of the shift. walt™ can be on an individual charger using any USB-C input, or on our wrangler™ mass charging cradle.

Purpose-Built Design

We’ve engineered industry’s most advanced smart radio, with the needs and interests of the frontline worker as our top priority. Along with more collaboration capabilities on the frontline than ever thought possible, our design focuses on the best experience for them.

Sporting glove-friendly buttons, a shatter-resistant screen, a Class 1 Div. 2 and ATEX 212 safety rating and more, we didn’t want walt™ to get in the way of the tasks at hand. Instead, we designed it so workers could use it easily, and not worry about what they needed to do to keep it functional. And that meant keeping the battery intact.

To learn more about the design, functionalities and what walt™ can do for your frontline, contact a weavix™ specialist today.

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Payton Kolbeck

Payton Kolbeck